Have you received a police summons („Vorladung als Beschuldigter“ oder „Anhörungsschreiben“) because of an investigation in money laundering against you? Has your house been searched by the police to find evidence for money laundering? Your bank has made a criminal complaint suspecting you to have committed money laundering?

You should not face the police, the public prosecutor and the court on your own then.

Our law office led by two lawyers specialized in criminal law (Fachanwälte für Strafrecht) offers a competent and comitted consultation, defence and representation in small and large money laundering cases for more than 15  years. 

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We are lawyers and specialists in criminal law.

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For more than 15 years. Everywhere in Germany.


The lawyers of Pohl & Marx are specialists for criminal law and work on cases all over Germany.

Due to officially proven special theroretical knowledge and special practical experience we were granted the additional title of  „Fachanwälte für Strafrecht“ .

We defend our clients against criminal complaints and accusations regarding money laundering according to § 261 StGB – with the expertise, commitment and experience gained in hundreds of cases. 


If you are suspected of laundering money according to § 261 StGB you probably received a police summons („Vorladung als Beschuldigter“) or a letter of charge. Maybe your house has been searched by police.

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You can find the office rooms of Rechtsanwälte Pohl & Marx at Kurfürstenstraße 130 in 10785 Berlin, located between Nollendorfplatz and Lützowplatz.

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The criminal accusation of money laundering according to § 261 german criminal code is severe.

A sucessful defence does not only require solid knowledge of the law, but also diplomacy skills, a keen sense for everyone involved in the investigations and practical experience.

A suspicion of money laundering can be based on unusual transfers in banking accounts, cashing in or out, conversion into cryptos, webmoney etc. The background oftentimes is: buying or selling real estate, money transfer from other countries, recieving money from unknown persons, problems with custom declaration and so on.

Police summons (Vorladung als Beschuldigter/Anhörung)

Sometimes you will get the initial info about a problem with money laundering from your bank. In larger cases the police will serach your house to gather evidence. In most cases you will get informed about ongoing investigations when you receive a letter from the police or public prosecutor.

Important advice: Do not respond.

Only by not responding all ways and chances of responding later will still be available for your lawyer.

Hire a lawyer who is specialized in money laundering cases

If police summons or any other letter from police or prosecutor, house search or accusation („Anklageschrift“): Your lawyer will give you advice, control the communication and request the investigation file from the prosecutor´s office.

The golden rule when being accused: Remain silent.

When your lawyer has read, analyzed and discussed the file with you und besprochen hat, he will elaborate the optimal strategy of defence for you.

Proceedings terminated or trial at court?

Your lawyer will check the files and find out, if there is a good argument against the reported evidence  will try to achieve a termination of the criminal investigations. According to the situation regarding the evidence and the law your lawyer will try everything possible to prevent a trial at court, a conviction and an entry in the records („Führungszeugnis“).

In case that the public prosecutor insists on bringing the case to court, your defence will be prepared,  aiming at a minor penalty or an acquittal

Defending at the court

Preparing the defence at court means informing you about the proceedings, preparing you according to the strategy chosen and getting ready to response quickly to any situation.

It is critically important to decide for the best strategic path: Remain silent at court or say something about the accusations, and if: how?

At court your lawyer will aks witnesses, check documents and discuss relevant legal aspects with the court and prosecutor. He will use his expertise to reach the strategic goal.

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The normal case of money laundering will be punished with prison up to five years or a fine; § 261 Absatz 1 StGB.

In severe cases of money laundering the result will be prison from six months to ten years; § 261 Absatz StGB.

Negligent money laundering will be punished with up to two years of prison or a fine ; § 261 Absatz 6 StGB. 

However: Not every investigation in a suspected money laundering case ends with a conviction at court. 

As lawyers for money laundering cases in Berlin and german-wide we defend our clients with resolution, providence and knowledge,  so that we can soften or even completely prevent negative consequences for our clients.

One major negative consequence of any criminal conviction where the defendant has received money or other assets – which is the case in nearly all money laundering cases – is the obligation to pay that money back. That means all the received money, even when the money has been transfered to someone else.

Our primary goal is to convince the public prosecutor to terminate the proceedings due to lack of evidence and thereby preserve our clients money.


Rechtsanwalt Jan Marx
Fachanwalt für Strafrecht

Money laundering case?  Choose Pohl & Marx then.

Lawyer Marx und Lawyer Pohl from Berlin stand by your side as experienced and specialized defenders, when there are money laundering investigations against you.

They defend clients all over  Germany and have court-experience at many german district courts (Amtsgerichte) und local courts (Landgerichte).

When the police has the suspicion that you committed money laundering, you better do not hire a lawyer from around the corner. In criminal cases the stakes are just too high.

We are specialized in defending in money laundering cases and have sucessfully defended numerous clients on that area of practice.

Just give us a call or send an email.

We will then prediscuss your case in a personal or telephone conversation regarding the proceedings and costs.

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